This blog was started, and is intended to illustrate that environmentalism happens through small acts, is not difficult, and that it does not always have to be some big life changing event that forces you to live in the tree tops with no electricity. All that being said, one of my small acts was to start this blog to gain some friends to help me save the world.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am still cool

OK seriously how many times can I talk about reusing bags, and the answer is... A LOT.  But that is what we have been talking about right, the easy ways to save.  So how about this, reusing your Ziploc bags (am I allowed to say brand names?  From here on out I will refer to them as zipper bags).  Anyway if you want call me cheap, I am fine with that, trust me I have been called worse, and this is for a greater cause then me, so I can take it.  There was a joke on Saturday Night Live (a comedy program in the U.S. just in case you are not familiar with it) about moms that reuse zipper bags.  Don't remember exactly what they said, but the point was to do it is not cool.  OK so it was sort of funny and I laughed, but hey I am still going to do it so hahaha guess the joke is on them (and I am still cool insert insecure laughing here).  Because every bit counts (maybe that should be my motto).
So let’s remember our science class lesson, matter is neither created NOR DESTROYED (yes I meant that to be capitalized).  Everything we have is all that we will ever have.  Stuff doesn't ever just go away.  So just because you dispose of something (even disposable things) doesn't mean it is gone.  May be out of sight, and even out of mind, but it is still polluting somewhere.  So back to the point here, if possible reuse your zipper bags.  Easy as that.  If you had something gross in them and they can't be washed out, OK get rid of it.  But most of the time those bags can be saved and reused a couple of times.  I am not going to lie I have a box of zipper bags that I have had for at least 6 years (maybe longer).  I swear it.  I used to save them or reuse them b/c I really was cheap, but now I can say that I am doing it for the environment (man I was so ahead of my time).  I mean don't get me wrong, I have bought and used boxes of those bags since then.  There are a lot reasons people still use them.  The one reason that I keep thinking about is travel.  You need those clear zipper bags to get all your dangerous sunscreen and arthritis cream on the plane.  Whatever different subject.  Anyway main take home point here is you can save some money and you can save (well at least delay) stuff going into the landfill.  And that works for me, and for the planet.
I am sure there are people that are probably calling me cheap or making fun of me (thanks SNL).  But when they go broke buying tons of zipper bags, then who will be laughing.  We have just got to keep thinking long term and stop this has to be new short term way of thinking.  That doesn't help anyone.  
As always keep suggestions coming. Two (or more) heads are better than one.  And seriously we need some other ideas or I could be talking about zipper bags forever.
Best wishes.

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    See I am not the only one that reuses the ziploc bags. And now there is a cool way to dry the ones that you wash out. Yay.