This blog was started, and is intended to illustrate that environmentalism happens through small acts, is not difficult, and that it does not always have to be some big life changing event that forces you to live in the tree tops with no electricity. All that being said, one of my small acts was to start this blog to gain some friends to help me save the world.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Call me lazy

Alright a few things, one I am not sure if I am "back" or not, and  two this post is less environmental and more a chest relieving exercise (you know getting something off my chest, I am a clever girl) so I will just get right too it.  I have been in a righteous mood (just ask the people I live with) the last few days dealing with what has become my new favorite catch phrase, first world problems.  Yes woe is me, and if you would like you may join in on my pity part, bring whatever party favors you like.  But as I listen to the news every morning I realizes how insane I am, and how unimportant my problems are, and I try to get over myself.  And then when I think about it I realize how lazy I am.  But maybe in this rare case lazy works.  As always I will try to get to the point.  Current events have become just a stream of bombs, blow ups, and shoot outs.  It is so sad that there is that much hate in the world to do all that stuff each other.  It is sad that we can focus so much on our made up differences (yeah I said made up) instead of focusing on our similarities.  I don't care where you are from, or what you look like, or what you believe.  I am just that lazy.  And it is not that I do not care about other people, I really really do, I am just too lazy to muster up enough energy to hate them because they do something I don't.  I feel like it takes way too much energy to hate, and aren't we supposed to be conserving energy right now (bam! just worked in the environment).
If you have ever traveled there are two things you most likely have noticed, one the modern world is very global and you can get the same crap in most parts of the world as you can get in your own home town (thanks giant corporations for taking over, I mean uniting), and two people everywhere need the same basic things to survive, water, shelter, food, clothing, and happiness.  So what if one culture puts a different spice in there food or wears a different article of clothing.  Enjoy it, because those differences are to be celebrated, and seem to be fading.  Oh and the other reason is because I am too lazy to dislike it.  Seriously people move on.  Stop blowing everyone up and stop blowing up at everyone.  Yeah you don't like what I do and I not super fond of what you are doing or saying, BUT WHO FREAKING CARES.  So I think we should (myself included) get over ourselves.  Deal with real problems, like those who do not have water or food (maybe due to climate changes, man I just brought it around full circle again) and stop creating more problems.  Stop focusing on differences, come on be lazy, save some energy so we can start fixing actual all world problems.  OK I feel better, and bit smaller, and more humbled in this giant ever expanding universe.  And I send out warm lazy wishes for some energy efficient world peace.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Drought, Your Drought

Yes yes I know I am on a break, but bare with me because here I go.
Look we all know I am no saint, even on a good day I still talk to the dark side (Star Wars reference) more than not.  But I do seem to get one thing, that the environment, for good or bad, is not mine, or yours.  And my well being is directly connected to the well being of the planet and everyone on it.  So if I am experiencing a drought, I know all my neighbors and friends are.  This is why it bothers me when I read stuff online about the drought in my area and how it is affecting only individuals.  I was quick offer my last blog post about turning the water off when you wash your hair as an additional way to cut down on water use, when someone asked for ways to conserve.  But I was baffled by the responses.  People were more worried because their grass looks bad, or they can't wash their car, or the best one where will I get my avocados, geez wth!  Look dude, who cares about your grass, or your car be grateful you have either.  And if you are so worried about your produce grow your own.  This drought is man made and will require big man (go with it, people did not flow here) actions to even attempt to fix it.  But if we all remain so self centered and unwilling to change our comfortable lives it won't happen.  Yeah this blog has always been about small actions being done by a lot of people to make big change.  So turn the water off when you wash you hair, do not shower every day, and the always powerful if it is yellow let it mellow.  These are all very small actions, so don't make them a big deal.  We are all a little too comfortable sometimes and forget that half of the world's population (which 1/2 is still billions) do not have access to water, and when we are asked to reduce how much we water we use we have the nerve to complain about grass.  What is wrong with this picture.  Sorry this drought is bothering you but guess what it is affecting all of us, and it is because of people who refuse to change.  So I will say it again, do not get overwhelmed with the macro, work on the micro level.  You are one person, but one person can do so much.  Turn of your water.  For me it always helps me to remember how lucky I am to have a dishwasher (which is only run full, very full) or a washer (also run very full), but thinking of others helps to go a little further sometimes (and like I said at the start I am far from perfect so don't start painting the saint Charlotte picture, because that ain't real).  We are all in this together, which can be a comfort or a freaking nightmare, depending on how you look at it.
The last thing I am going to say (yeah right I thought I was on a break too) is think outside the box.  People are looking for ways to save water and it might not always involve your tap and faucet.  Think about what you buy, is there a ton of packaging in it? did that packing require water to make it, can I not buy it?  Yes I can, look at you the drought helper you.  Or give up meat for a few days a week.  Those veggies and fruit are getting a bad rap right now because they require water, but think of how much water it takes to raise a cow that will be used for beef.  Just saying think outside the box.  I know we can do it.  I will get off of my soap box now.  Please have a super terrific Thursday!

Also wanted to share a great article.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Few Announcements

Many happy greetings to all. I wanted to briefly discuss a new conservation effort I have recently started to practice.  Pretty sure that I have mentioned that where I currently live there is a major drought.  So not letting myself get too overwhelmed my the macro big picture I thought about what I could do on the micro small picture level to help conserve water.  I do all the required actions and some non required.  I recycle as much water as I can and conserve where I can.  But I found a new way that actually makes me feel like I am really helping.  Disclaimer this may be old news to some folks, but in my house this is a new one, so bear with me.  Anyway we know not to run the water while brushing our teeth, we know to water certain things at certain times of the day, keeping showers short, but what about taking that last one (the shower thing) one step further.  I do keep showers short, and only when needed (I know some that might cringe at that thought), but what about turning off the water during your shower when you are washing you hair?  As I mentioned you may be steps ahead of me and doing this already, just go with it.  I feel like it really helps save some water.  I was skeptical at first, what if the water gets cold and I freeze to death when I turn in back on?  But that has not happened (at least as of yet).  Yet another example of a super small action that can really help.  It is super easy, the water is off for mere seconds, but what a great way to conserve.
It is, like I have said many times before, that you have do to something, doing nothing is not an option.  And this is an option that is so undisruptive to our daily lives.  I am not telling anyone to not shower, but rather just turn off the water for a bit while you do shower.  It is always hard for people to do extreme things, for example before I started doing this I had proposed the idea of just not washing our hair at all.  That was quickly shot down, probably too extreme of an idea for this family at this time.  So I was happy to compromise, did some research and found this idea and ran with it.  Remember we do not all have to go live in the tree tops to show that we want to help.
So that part of the post was the first announcement, this part of the post is the second announcement (hence the title few announcements). So as many have noticed I have taken an unofficial break from the blogging.  I am announcing that I am hereby making it official.  Although I still love this blog and believe very firmly in all the words that I have expressed on it, I, at this point in time, am going to take a break. As schedules, priorities, and responsibilities change we mere mortal humans must adapt and change with them, which is what I am doing (sort of).  I hope to come back to it one day very soon.  When I can really kick my butt into high gear.  Until that time I hope that everyone out there who has read this blog, and all those who do not, will start saving the world one day at a time.  We need to make sure that everyday we pass along some peace and love towards each other and the planet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What I can't see..

Hello my name is Charlotte.  I am a resident of planet Earth (most of the time :)).  I understand (or at least think and pretend that I do) a lot of things that I have never seen.  I have never met a dinosaur, but there is enough evidence out there that without meeting one face to face, I am certain they once roamed where I now live.  I have never been to outer space, or to the very depths of the ocean, but I know there is a lot of cool stuff out there and down there, and there is a need to continue exploration so that maybe one day if we are lucky we can experience those places (for fun and not because we are forced to find other places to live, been watching too many movies!).  I do not have to see everything to understand that humans don't know much (nice segue right!).  But we do know some stuff, we are not completely unintelligent beings, so why it is so hard to comprehend and combat what we are doing to the planet. Here is my thought,  we cannot see it, at least on the day to day.
Right now on my small section of the planet there is a massive drought.  I do not see it though, because I go to turn on the tap and I have water.  However I get that what I can't see does not mean it is not happening so I try to turn on the tap as conservatively as possible (cool tip compost so you do not have run the water for the disposal).  There are people who really have experienced drought, those who do not have access to taps to just turn water on and off as they wish.  They can tell you droughts are real.  I know there are farmers who grow the food that I eat that are struggling.  I cannot see it, since I walk into a store and there is food.  But those farmers know how precious the water is.
I hope that I understand just a little the value of water and other things that my own survival is dependent.  I hope that even though I cannot see it, I do all that is possible to conserve and protect the resources that I and the rest of the people on this planet rely upon for life.  I hope that the rest of the world understands that you do not have to see something to help change what is happening.  I hope that we all start thinking long term rather than short term, and of others rather than ourselves.
I know that so many things are different now than say just 10 years ago.  We see so much with social media, smart phones, and the interwebs (trying to sound old and funny at the same time, not sure it worked) and whatever else helps us put out there right away the images and thoughts of our daily lives.  Nothing seems to go unnoticed, so why is the planet??
But just because everyone cannot see what is happening does not mean there are people out there who are not already struggling due to what we are all doing to ourselves.  I hope that we all take every action that is required, big or small, to help out those who can see the damage already and especially those who can't.  I hope those who have enough power to change laws do so, and are less easily bought by short term thinking companies. And most of all I hope we all realize that we are doing this to ourselves.  Denial, it ain't just a river in Egypt!
Here are a few tips that you can do to help conserve water

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Be a Yes!

I was blown away the other day, I was expecting the worst, and was shocked to hear an answer I so wanted to hear.  Let me explain.  I am obsessed with this food stand at our local farmers market.  They serve the best veggie coconut curry ever.  The downside was it was served in styrofoam.  Well that was a bit off putting for me.  So I asked the guy working as I was walking by if I brought my own container would he still be able to serve me.  Expecting a big fat NO or that is against some sort of stupid regulations, instead I got a big fat YES!   How thrilling to hear a yes every once in a while.  And not only that but I was told many people do it that way, oh there is power in numbers!  And so hear we come full circle back to Leftover Love, the incentive: the delicious curry (in moderation of course, for no other reason than my wallets sake) and the perk is not having guilt of throwing styrofoam into the landfill.  I am telling you this can totally work, we just have to work together.   The win for the food stand is, as the gentleman serving me mentioned, that he knows the spoon/serving size so he can charge me accordingly without having to use his containers as a form of measurement, and he mentioned he does not have to use his containers!!! (Not sure what it is called in writing when you repeat yourself, but thought it would help drive the point home) that the gentleman realized the cost savings when he does not have to use his containers (did I say that already).  
So go out there, ask questions, you may actually get the answer you want, and be a yes (as my old yoga studio used to say) it may surprise you have effective being positive can be.  
Goodness I am so hungry now!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Megan’s Guide to Minimalism…in Moderation

Have you ever met those people that just make everything they do look so easy.  Well I have recently, our fabulous new neighbors Megan and Chris.  I thought that after our move a few months ago I was doing good keeping the clutter down and trying in my own way to be a Charlotte version of a "minimalist" (using the term very gingerly here).  Well after seeing the neighbors house I must admit that I look like a complete hoarder, not so great when you have a blog about cutting back (gulp, and sigh!).  So I asked Megan to write a guest post for the blog on how she does.  Remember this blog is all about the simple things we can do in our day to day to help reduce, so without further ado here is the fabulous Megan to help me, I mean us, on some easy ways to do that.  Read it, good advice coming from someone who actually knows what she is talking about!

Greetings and salutations! I am Megan, Charlotte’s neighbor.  When I’m not creating tongue-twisting alliterations (see: blog title), one can usually find me residing in my 500 square foot abode.  In fact, for the past six years, all three homes I lived in were 500 square feet or less.  As a double dare to my life, I added another roommate to the minute living space mix, my fiancĂ©, Chris!  (I will exercise my mathletic prowess here: that means 250 sq. feet per human.) Here our four ways that I maintain moderate minimalism:

1.    Identify What Brings You Happiness and Invest in that: A year and a half ago, I sold nearly all of my worldly possessions and travelled to Argentina with Chris. Moving is a great opportunity to edit your life as it imposes an evaluation of what to keep, even in less extreme circumstances than mine.  I found that the sickening sum of the material items I had accumulated over the years couldn’t bring the happiness that a single meaningful conversation provided. It was a significant lesson: things don’t make me happy; experiences and people do.  
2.    Be Mindful of Purchases:  When we returned to the states, we did so with a Camry that was halfway full! We rented a small space knowing that the more room you have, the more you will need to fill it.  Still, when a 500 square foot house echoes, it’s time to start filling it up! While it was tempting to buy ready-made objects and expedite the furnishing process, we opted to re-purpose older furniture and were pleasantly surprised with how rewarding it was. For the first two months, our backyard became a DIY workshop (sorry neighbors!) and one-by-one, we filled our space with a style that we crafted. Literally!
3.    Walk Away:  While I love to do-things-myself, I draw the line when too many tools are involved. Shopping can be a little overwhelming for me with the agro salespeople and so.many.options. To cope with this, my strategy is to take flight instead of fight! In other words, I put the item down and bounce! If I continue thinking about it, I will return to purchase it, but more often than not, I find that I can’t even remember what I had picked up.
4.    One-in-one-out: I traffic the material items entering my house like an imposing bouncer at a club!  Before I purchase or accept one item, another item must vacate to make room.