This blog was started, and is intended to illustrate that environmentalism happens through small acts, is not difficult, and that it does not always have to be some big life changing event that forces you to live in the tree tops with no electricity. All that being said, one of my small acts was to start this blog to gain some friends to help me save the world.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh man oh man I am so proud

So as normal I do not want to bore anyone with the blahblah details of my life, but I have been away because I am in the middle of a move.  Sort of hard to type all the interesting stuff  I type with no internet.  But anyway I just had to brag for a second, because I really am so proud of myself.  After unpacking, cleaning, and lifting and whatever else you do during a move, I have only had one small bag of non-recyclable objects.  Everything else has been donated or recycled, it is awesome.  And honestly it was not that hard.  Trust me I say I will give no advice on how to move or pack or any of that junk, because I am a horrible mental case when it comes to it all, but to have done as much as we have and to have thrown away as little as we have I really am so proud.  Once you break the habit of throwing away it really does become easy, and makes you feel better.  Anyway so if anyone is up for it I will pose the no trash for a day challenge.  Just see if you can avoid throwing away stuff.  Recycling, composting, and donating are all acceptable.  It really is so easy you can do it.  If you saw how small my trash bag was for a move then on a regular day you can definitely do it.  OK I am out.  Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Friends = Good Information

A friend of mine just passed along another great site that I thought was worth passing along.  Check out 

Thanks Heather!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Public Service Announcement

Did you know (see I do sound like a public service announcement, the title did not lie) that you can recycle more than just your plastic grocery bags (we all get a one by accident every once in a while, don't hide you can admit it) in the recycling bins at the grocery shops.  To be perfectly honest I did not know and so that is why I am passing along this very valuable information.  The more you know (second cheese ball attempt at being a PSA).  Anyway found this great website that lists out a bunch of other plastics that you can recycle in your local grocery store recycling bins.  Just to list a few:  dry cleaning bags, bread bags, and the plastic from bulk toilet paper or paper towel packages (OMG I already feel better about this, since I am not going to lie I had been throwing that sort of stuff away, my conscious has been eased). 
A quick jump here, and I promise I try not to bore you, but about 7 years ago I tried to start a recycling program with the clothing store where I worked.  I was in the back sorting through all the clothes that were delivered on a daily basis.  Anyway all the plastic I had to throw away was disgraceful.  I had done some research, and at that time in the town I was living in there was no where to recycle those bags (similar to dry cleaning bags).  Now you can at the grocery store.  So just in case anyone works in a clothing shop that does not recycle those bags, ask if you can take them home yourself to recycle.  There are so many ways that we can help save the world.  I see smoke coming out of my ears, which means there may be a new project on the horizon for me (watch out clothing stores that do not recycle) once Leftover Love really takes off (please no breath holding, need to keep all friends alive).
Well that should do it for today, hope all is well out there in the world.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just thought this needed to be said

Quick warning, this entry is not funny (not that any of my attempts at humor actually are) but I feel like I needed to say it.  I have been reluctant to write this entry because I can never think of a way to end it, but maybe it is not suppose to have an ending, maybe I am hoping to see a positive ending in my lifetime and didn't want to be a downer by jumping the gun.  Anyway I know that I write about the effects of humans on the planet and simple ways to reduce negative effects.  Such as going out to eat and taking your own container or saying no to plastic straws.  These are serious issues that need to be, and can be addressed, but not by everyone.  There are many (probably the majority) of the planet that do not have the issue of reducing the use styrofoam containers or plastic straws because they do not have the ability to eat out or maybe even eat.  Food for them is a matter of survival, as it should be for everyone.  To avoid getting too upset here, and to avoid trying to address all social issues facing humans, I will just bring this back to the environment as quickly as possible.  People that do not have the luxury of restaurant food, or food, still feel the effects of harm or damage all people cause to the environment.  We must remember that the planet and all life on it is completely connected and all our actions, no matter where you are, affect and influence someone else.  Lets try to make more positive influences rather than negative.  Taking your own container may seem silly to someone, may seem like a dream to others.  Money may solve some issues, but not all of them.  So sometimes it comes down to actions, such as not using styrofoam or saying no to plastic straws, that can be your way of contributing, not only to the aide of the planet but to the aide of all life on the planet.  Sorry if this was a bit too much, but it is important.  We need to appreciate what we have, respect those who struggle for what they have, try and help those who do not have or are struggling, and remember that the environment can be (and will be if we do not change) the great leveler and destroy us all regardless of where we come from and how much we have.  Be kind to each other and the planet so that maybe we can try and bring about some peace in a small way.  There has to be more than one way to save this world, just give it a try.