This blog was started, and is intended to illustrate that environmentalism happens through small acts, is not difficult, and that it does not always have to be some big life changing event that forces you to live in the tree tops with no electricity. All that being said, one of my small acts was to start this blog to gain some friends to help me save the world.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Neat site

Sometimes when you feel like you are the only one talking and that no one is really listening (or reading) you come across a great site that makes you feel less alone in your mission.  Found this site, and really liked it so thought I would share.  It is always nice to know that there are people out on this planet that share the some convictions and ideals as you.  We will get by with a little help from our friends.  Anyway here is the site.  You can calculate your carbon foot print and be a part of group that is also trying to save our delicate Earth.

Monday, January 30, 2012

World Peace

I saw this in a dream last night and thought I would pass it on. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace. World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.  World peace.
We can do it.    

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Less is more

So if imitation is the best form of flattery then I am  about to flatter the heck out of the local environmentalist, since she so kindly flattered me the other day.  OK so maybe all this drama is in my head, but she did discuss a good idea the other day on the television, which I thought was worth repeating, and it was to buy in bulk.  More specifically it was to research products you buy and make sure you are buying the products that contain the least amount of packaging.  You really cannot argue with that.  Especially  when it comes to food items, individually wrapped items create more waste that ends up in the landfill (if we are lucky and it is not littered on the side of the road).   If you buy items in bulk you can then package them at home in individual reusable containers.  If this option is not possible just look for products that contain as little packaging material as possible, and keep your eye open for things that contain and use recycled materials for their packaging.   Lets face it you really cannot argue with common sense.  This local personality also mentioned an idea I discussed moths ago which was reusing your produce bags.  But as I mentioned in my last entry you can buy cloth produce bags which are also a good option.  So anyway I guess that there is strength in numbers, and no matter where the ideas come from if we all start practicing them we can make a difference.
Side note happening here.  Feed the birds.  What am I talking about.  The other day I noticed that we had about 15-20 robins in our back yard.  I have never been much for bird watching, but I really got into it for a few minutes just watching them.  It was actually quite amazing, 1. to see so many of one kind of animal in your garden, and 2. to watch these birds in action searching for their breakfast.  Just makes you realize that nature, no matter where you live, is still fighting to continue.  I don't know maybe birds won't affect you like they did me.  But I would still recommend feeding the birds, or whatever animal may be  local to your corner of this planet, and just watch, observe, and appreciate the life that is all around.  Because without all other forms of life there would be no us.  Just saying.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blah Blah Paper Towels

So not sure where to start this entry at all.  Let me try and explain, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but that being said "they" are all out to get me.  Well maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but that is what makes for good reading right?  OK OK maybe not in this case.  But anyway, a few months ago I had submitted some of my ideas to a local environmentalist/tv host here in town, just looking for feedback and/or support.  I never received any response from her non profit org about any of my requests/ideas.  Not a big deal, I know and completely understand that I am a small tiny amoeba in a big fishy ocean, but you have to give me an A for effort right.  So anyway I was watching the old boob tube the other night and there was this environmentalist talking about paper towels and it really sounded like she was reading my blog entry on the matter.  What the frick!!  Alright I will deflate my head now, I know that I cannot be to the first person to talk about paper towels and the cost savings if we eliminated their use, but still it was just a little too familiar for me to feel comfortable.  So here is what I will tell myself she liked my work and was referencing my site without actually referencing it.  Hey it works for me.  Anyway though the voices in my head keep things interesting.  But all that being said there was a great site referenced that allows you to look up paper products and see how much  post consumer content they contain and how much chlorine etc., they have, you know for those weak amoebas who still have paper towel rolls up in their kitchen.  I will say though it was mentioned that the average American household goes through a roll of paper towels a week, and I am quite happy to say that we do not meet that criteria,  not even close.  So hey I got that going for me.  OK so here is the site if you are interested  It is a good one and has more than just paper towel information on there.
Also I thought that it was worth mentioning again the amount of power that can be saved by unplugging certain items that you do not use around the clock.  So go ahead unplug that coffee maker, toaster oven with a clock, hair dryer, phone charger (that is not in-use of course) anything that you think may help.  And if you want you can always lower your heat because you can wear a sweater or a blanket.  And if you are somewhere warm and sunny right now then my jealous bitterness should help power your A/C and you can raise the thermostat.  I know these are really old ideas, like not running the water when you brush your teeth, but they help and add up.  Speaking of brushing your teeth, my green challenge for this week is to see how little water you can actually use when brushing your teeth.  It is easier than you think.  Just give it a go.  OK I really feel like I need to stop writing now because I think you all get my point, blah blah paper towels.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wow has it been a year already

Love the cheesey title?  I know you have all come to expect a certain standard in the cheese when it comes to my writing, and I did not want to disappoint in 2012.  We are now in the New Year, so what to do?  Now normally I do not make resolutions, unless it is something awesome like doing less work, hehehe (I think the cheese is, dare I say it, getting even cheesier).  Anyway for 2012 I have decided to make a resolution, to save the world.  No biggie right.  I know we can do it.  Please please don't make me do it alone, help me.  Here is my first idea to help reduce waste and save the world.  It is pretty easy, cook.  OK now let me tell you I am by no means a chef.  I can make a few things like, well, um toast.  But that is besides the point.  The point here is, that if you buy less processed and packaged food you are dramatically reducing the waste you put in the bin.  I know no one will stop completely, I have my favorite cookies and other snacks.  But I think it would be possible to cut back.  As always the benefits seem obvious.  First you may actually create something delicious that you love.  That's good!  It is much more healthy for you to prepare your own meals rather than those prepackaged deals.  It is also more cost efficient.  Saving money is good, yay!  And of course you reduce waste, and that is huge.  And I heard on the radio the other day on a cooking program that if you think cooking is expensive to look up countries that do not have meat based diets.  Northern Africa and the Mediterranean were two areas that came up.  And olive oil is awesome so that works for me.  Apparently it is called peasant food.  So just a thought.  Anyway just start cooking with some  yummy fresh ingredients and then know that you are working towards the 2012 resolution of saving the world.
Also I just thought it was worth mentioning that over the holiday's I received many awesome gifts.  But one that is relevant to this site was from my sister and brother in-law.  They got me some reusable produce bags.  I was pretty excited and very grateful.  If you are interested in adding some to your reusable shopping bags you can find them at
Also one other quick mention, another green blog was very gracious in mentioning a site I had referenced in an earlier entry.  The blog is called so be sure to check it out.
Now as for the Leftover Love I will be continuing to work on getting one or many restaurants to partake.  I mean I am getting pretty desperate so someone has to take pity on me soon right.  At least that is goal.  Think good thoughts for me.
OK that should do it for now.  Sorry I have been away for a while.  And sorry if the cheese was too much today, but I am sick so hopefully you will cut me some slack.  Anyway happy New Year to everyone.  I know we will save the world in 2012.