This blog was started, and is intended to illustrate that environmentalism happens through small acts, is not difficult, and that it does not always have to be some big life changing event that forces you to live in the tree tops with no electricity. All that being said, one of my small acts was to start this blog to gain some friends to help me save the world.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Something

Here is the thing about me, call it a personality flaw or whatever you like, but at times I can be easily overwhelmed.  I want to do so much, and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.  Blahblahblah, I know you have heard it all before, and guess what so have I, since I am usually the one saying it.  But when I stop whining, I can create a moment of clarity and realize I am not supposed to do it all, but I DO have to do something.
So the "something" I did the other day was a beach clean up.  I was naive enough to think that this would be easy, since it was a nice beach in a nice area.  Hot damn was I wrong, people can be slobs apparently no matter where you go.
But I will not bore you with how disgusting people can be (sure you know that already), or what I picked up, or the amount of trash we found.  But what I will share is my point, which I am sure you already know by now, but I will say it again to drive it home.  I was doing something, I was not whining about how I should be doing something (which I am quite good at it).  And you know what it, that is all it takes some times to feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to go out and do more.  I am just saying, it is worth a try at the very least.  Don't get me wrong, I know I can always do more, I am not preaching trust me, this really is a small act.  But we all have start somewhere and do something!

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