This blog was started, and is intended to illustrate that environmentalism happens through small acts, is not difficult, and that it does not always have to be some big life changing event that forces you to live in the tree tops with no electricity. All that being said, one of my small acts was to start this blog to gain some friends to help me save the world.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I want

I want more environmentally friendly plastic legislation in my town, I want to end animal cruelty, I want world peace.  Damn I have a pretty long list of things I want.  The trouble with all those things is I seem to be having some trouble making them happen.  Oh and also I hate the words "I want" in front of each item.  Once again I am sure you are asking, Charlotte what the frick are you talking about?  Well I am glad you (the voices in my head) asked.  This all comes to the blog because I was "discussing" this topic with a small person in my home the other day.  I just happened to mention that I did not want (ah crap I did it right there), I mean wish to hear the words "I want" anymore.  I mentioned to this small and wonderful little being that it sounds terribly selfish and and self centered to repeat it so many times.  So instead we came up with the alternative "I would like".  So since sometimes it takes a while for my own words to sink in I thought the blog would be a good place to practice.  Here we go, I would like more environmentally friendly plastic legislation in my town, I would like to end animal cruelty, and I would really really appreciate world peace.  Sounds so much nicer, but still have not made any of them happen.  But I know it is possible.
The thing is I think there are enough other people out there who want, ah that was an honest mistake, would like to see the same things happen.  Why do I think this?  Because I did very small scale reusable bag give away day at a local health food store recently.  There I had my plastic bag petition for people to sign (please feel free to keep signing  And although most people thought I was insane person sitting outside of their grocery store (and rightly so) and were reluctant to sign the piece of paper, I did see a real interest in plastic waste reduction.  And I really felt like this bag ban was doable, and made me not want but wish to see it happen even more.
Now maybe I have been doing too much yoga or reading too many inspirational quotes online, but I wish (did not say want) to end with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi which says "as a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him".  So go out there, stop wanting, start being the change and lets make all these things happen.  It would really help me out if I could check off some items on this list.  Thanks a bunch.

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